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Farming by numbers, painted by local tradition and experience
Our digital farming platform includes a range of interoperable modules supporting the execution of a variety of farm operations and the creation of a transparent farm to fork supply chain.

Food and beverage

Food and beverage

Juicy ingredients, digitally squeezed
Our solutions provide efficient monitoring and improvement of food processing and enable conversion of the physical products into digital interaction channels.



“Beam me up, Scottie” does not work yet
From transporting feed to transporting food, cement, bottles and people, our digital solutions enable efficient utilization of the fleets of vehicles.


Environmental monitoring

Clean is in the air, smell is in the coffee…
Our digital environment monitoring platform enables continuous insights (visual and musical) into the air and water quality and noise levels.


Elderly care

Rooting for the elderly…
Our digital social care and support platform enables prolonged independent living for elderly people, peace of mind for caregivers, and more efficient caregiving service.

Let's create
digital landscape,


We put everything together from sensors and gateways to data analytics and local support – not on our own, of course, but in collaboration with our partners!

IoT and AI, expertise and experience

Digital transformation consulting services

We encourage businesses to embrace the power of digital transformation, reframe focus and reshape their business models, providing them bespoke solutions relying on Microsoft Azure and SAS as the IoT and AI platforms, expertise and experience.

  • Helping businesses to digitally transform
  • Identifying business needs and co-creating solutions
  • Designing, implementing and deploying enterprise-grade solutions
Consulting services
Research and development

Research and innovation

This is our team of researchers and innovators, responsible for pushing technology and business boundaries forward and validating new algorithms, approaches, and business constellations in life-like environments in collaboration with numerous research and industry organizations and individuals. Selected outcomes of the projects are transferred, tuned, and integrated into the commercial portfolio.

We participated in a large number of FP7, CPI-PSP, and nowadays, H2020 projects. The main areas of interest are IoT, AI, Next Generation Internet, and the application of technologies in domains like smart agriculture, smart cities, and manufacturing.

Experience and expertise

We are in IoT business since 2008, working with cities, public organizations, agriculture and manufacturing companies on digital transformation.

Building blocks

We have designed and deployed a large number of IoT solutions for different verticals, all built on modern IoT architectural principles enabling reuse and rapid development.


Rich ecosystem

Carefully selected organizations with complementary expertise, experience, business interests, and geographical coverage, capable of rapidly delivering complex IoT/AI solutions.

Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability

Our solutions are designed, and will be further developed, with UN Sustainable Development Goals in mind.

Successful stories

What our clients say

  • DunavNET is a critical partner for PacSana. The team are unfailingly responsive, helpful and great to work with. They combine impressive technical knowledge, data analysis and cloud management skills allowing us to build and deliver rapidly for our customers. DunavNET consistently deliver an exceptional service in all areas of IOT development, machine learning, visualisation and edge device management.

  • We have a long standing and very successful cooperation with DunavNET, based on the implementation of agroNET solution in our everyday practice. agroNET is used as the basis of the digital transformation that “Plantaže” is actively implementing in order to lay the foundations for the company’s development in the next decade.
    Additionally, we expand our cooperation through numerous scientific research projects in the precision agriculture domain.

  • Technical expertise and agility of DunavNET helped us win several major accounts by rapidly developing customer specific features.
    Thanks to the rich functionality of fleetNET we were able to rapidly grow our business and increase the number of vehicles and corporations to which we provide fleet management services, including mobile operators.


Our ecosystem

IoT Forum aims to develop a worldwide interoperable Internet of Things that will address technology barriers, business and societal challenges in order to create the conditions for a truly worldwide Internet of Things ecosystem and market.


DunavNET – a founding member of IoT Forum


The Alliance for the Internet of Things (AIOTI) is organisation, founded by the European Commission, that aims to create a dynamic European IoT ecosystem.


DunavNET – Member of AIOTI


one6G aims to evolve, test, and promote next-generation cellular and wireless technology-based communications solutions.


DunavNET – Member of one6G

Silver Microsoft

Microsoft recognizes companies awarded the Silver Competency for offering the best solutions to customers and for undertaking a rigorous and auditable approval process. DunavNET is a Microsoft Silver Partner for IoT and cloud technologies since 2015.


Microsoft Silver Cloud Partner

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