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Wine Fair 2023, Podgorica

On 12 May 2023, along with the University of Donja Gorica, we participated in the 3rd Wine Fair held in Podgorica. During the event, we had the privilege of showcasing the H2020 DEMETER and H2020 TRACEWINDU projects at our dedicated exhibition booth. This provided an excellent platform for researchers to engage in direct conversations with local and regional winemakers, as well as end consumers.

The discussions held at our booth encompassed various topics, such as the application of the IoT and digital solutions in vineyards, the digitalization of wine production processes, and the utilization of digital tools for wine authentication and traceability throughout the entire wine value chain.

Moreover, the event featured engaging product presentations, wine-tasting sessions, and networking opportunities. With over 500 visitors in attendance, including winemakers, distributors, and wine enthusiasts, it served as an exceptional occasion to establish meaningful connections and exchange knowledge with key stakeholders in the industry.

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