Hungry? Looking for a good pub/coffee shop? Or need a place to stay? Maybe even thinking about visiting some interesting concert? urbanNET is here to help in completing the search by giving the access to the HoReCa objects list and local events via mobile application.

Users can navigate through the map and position the objects, search for places along their routes, define their search based on the distance of the objects, get a detailed presentation of the objects and their menus to help them decide, and even make a reservation in coffee shops, pubs, and restaurants.


Benefits of using urbanNET:

For the end users:

  • Simple and fast search: quickly finding the most appealing nearby places (geolocation)
  • Quick and easy reservation (in clubs, bars, restaurants, pubs…)
  • Information about the menu and special offers, discounts, and deals
  • Notifications about the local events


For the business owners:

  • More customers: reservations are just a few of clicks away
  • Availability: customers have all the necessary information at their fingertips