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TRACEWINDU Secondment in France

In November, our researchers Daliborka Nedić and Svjetlana Krčo had a unique opportunity to visit prestigious research institutions in France. The IPREM Institute (The Institute of Analytical Sciences and Physico-Chemistry for Environment and Materials) and the University of Pau and Pays de l’Adour (UPPA) in the city of Pau hosted this inspiring visit, which was part of the TRACEWINDU project. The main goal of this project is to enhance the traceability of wine through intelligent labeling and the application of blockchain technology.
In collaboration with Dr. Olivier Donard, an esteemed academic researcher from the UPPA, our team worked on creating an ML-based model for improving isotopic fingerprint methodologies for evaluating the geographic origin of wine.
In addition to researching technological innovations for the wine industry, Daliborka and Svjetlana had the opportunity to visit the Wine Museum in Bordeaux, the renowned wine region of Jurancon (Maison des Vins du Jurançon) and the prestigious winery Château Mauvinon. These visits further enriched their knowledge of wine production, geographical origin, and the use of ecological methods in the field.
The TRACEWINDU project, funded by the European Union, plays a vital role in strengthening the global wine industry by fostering international collaboration and creating platforms for exchanging knowledge, innovations, and experiences.

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