Telfor 2017

The 25th Telecommunications forum, Telfor 2017 took place in Belgrade Serbia on 21st and 22nd of November. We were part of it. During the special session "Building a Smart Society" we presented the EU H2020 funded projects TagItSmart and WeLive.

Our colleague Nenad Gligorić showcased TagItSmart - a Smart Tags driven service platform for enabling ecosystems of connected objects. In his presentation, Nenad emphasized the main goal of the project, which is enabling mass market products to join IoT world by combining functional ink technology, printed NFC, crowdsourced secure scanners, and cloud-based data analytics. He also pointed out that the TagItSmart platform will give not only the unique identity to each item, but also ability to understand the environment and the context of the item throughout its lifetime.

Dejan Drajić presented WeLive project - a new concept of public administration based on citizen co-created mobile urban services. As Dejan explained, the project is conceived to transform the current approach towards e-government by providing a new open model oriented towards the design, production, and deployment of public services based on the collaboration of research organizations, companies, public administrations, and citizens.

Besides our colleagues, during this special session, participants of Telfor 2017 had an opportunity to hear Davide Guarkiento talk about the IoF2020 project - Internet of Food & Farm and making precision farming a reality. As Davide said, the aim of the project is to build a lasting innovation ecosystem that fosters the uptake of IoT technologies. The presentation included an overview of the objectives and the challenges of the project the description of the innovative multi-actor approach and the success stories of three Use Cases.