TRACEWINDU Secondment: Advancing Wine Traceability

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Diego Freire, an electronic engineer from Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Industrial (INTI) in Argentina, spent two months studying smart devices within the TRACEWINDUu project, as part of Work Package 4.

Diego’s focus was on concretizing the application of smart tags and IoT enablers. In collaboration with experts from DunavNET, Diego explored opportunities to enhance the functionality of electronic devices used by INTI within the TRACEWINDU project.

The TRACEWINDU project, funded by the EU, has an ambitious goal – to secure and improve the tracking of wine throughout the entire value chain, using smart tags and recording data through blockchain technology. This will enable consumers to make purchasing decisions based on complete and reliable information about the production process. Additionally, the project will work towards improving vineyard productivity by using plant protection products as well as geographic origin analysis as part of a multi-approach strategy to ensure wine traceability/authentication.

Diego’s work enhances the functioning of specific electronic devices used by INTI within the TRACEWINDU project, laying the groundwork for a more efficient implementation of technological solutions in the field of wine tracking and counterfeit prevention.

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