Srđan Krčo

Srđan Krčo



Srđan Krčo received his PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Novi Sad in 2005 for the work on remote health monitoring systems. He worked at Ericsson for over 10 years, initially on the development of 3G networks, and then on development of M2M and IoT technologies.

Since 2010, Srđan is managing DunavNET, a company designing turnkey IoT and AI solutions.

He is active in international collaborative research and innovation projects. Srdjan teaches IoT and digital transformation at FEFA Belgrade (Serbia) and ACEIoT Kigali (Rwanda), and is a frequent speaker at international conferences.

He received the Innovation Engineer of the Year award in 2007 from the Irish Institute of Engineers and is being awarded with Microsoft MVP annual award since 2018.

Srdjan is a member of the Management Board of IoT Forum and of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Centre of excellence for digitalization of microbial food safety risk assessment and quality parameters for accurate food authenticity certification in Montenegro. Srdjan is an active member of the AIoTI.