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Maximum fleet efficiency

Transporting food, cement, bottles, people...

Digital transformation in the transport domain contributes to more efficient fleet management and safer transportation of goods and passengers.

Our solutions for the transport domain will help you to utilize your vehicles more efficiently, reduce operational costs, reduce carbon emissions, ensure compliance with various environmental conditions during transport of goods, improve driver safety, and even help you find parking spots quickly!






Optimizing fleet utilization
fleetNET is a fleet management optimization solution that allows remote vehicle monitoring and positioning in real-time, as well as optimal management of your entire vehicle fleet.

This solution enables enterprises to improve the efficiency of business processes, monitor compliance with task assignments and legislations, optimize workforce allocation and prevent misuse of company assets.
The solution collects a range of parameters from the vehicles and interacts with other relevant enterprise systems to provide an integrated view supporting better business decision making and more efficient business operation.
Managing parking resources
parkNET is a cloud-based parking management solution that enables drivers to significantly cut down the time required to find an available parking space and consequently helps in the reduction of gas emissions while improving parking space utilization.

The solution that overcomes the drivers’ challenges in metropolitan areas enabling the full insight into parking spaces utilization, management of public displays and offers better quality service like routing, costs, additional information, and (optionally) payment.
The solution is also improving the parking experience in shopping malls and hotels.
Optimizing waste collection

wasteNET improves waste management operation and usage of garbage trucks. It monitors the filling level of the waste containers and notifies responsible service providers when waste should be collected.

The collection route is optimized based on the received information with the goal to reduce operational costs and increase efficiency.

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