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Improving factory automation

Digitization of production processes

Following the recent development of the Industry 4.0 paradigm and the availability of a plethora of sensors and AI algorithms, DunavNET actively works on digital transformation in this domain.

factoryNET represents a step forward in the digital transformation of a specific industry of manufacturing. It advances real-time gathering, exchange and processing of sensing data, develops data analytics solutions and proposes novel preventive and predictive maintenance techniques, thus reducing the probability of occurrence of product defects and overall, efficiently increasing productivity of the manufacturing process as well increasing the health and safety of the workers.

Food and beverage



Product passport 

Transforming manufactory operations
factoryNET solution enables real-time monitoring of the production process and asset utilization. The solution combines a number of parameters to ensure insights in the entire production process, monitoring of the machine operation for the purposes of predictive maintenance and powerful reporting.

Owing to its modular and flexible architecture that allows for easy integration of other sensors and new ML algorithms, as well as to the omnipotent character of the underlying digital technologies used, factoryNET possesses a high potential for integration within different manufacturing processes, thus paving the way for a wider adoption of several key enabling technologies of Industry 4.0: in-situ sensing, computer vision, IoT, machine learning, cloud technologies.
Monitoring assets and delivery
We combined the simplicity of smart tags and GPS with the power of IoT and cloud technologies to create a comprehensive solution optimized for monitoring and maintaining things of value within a business as well as for tracking deliveries or controlling conditions during transport.

Leveraging unique identity given to individual assets or products, all products and things of value can be tracked in real-time ensuring compliance with business processes and improving them.
Let the products speak
Product passport is digital platform enabling traceability and transparency of the crop production and animal breeding throughout the supply chain. The platform provides unique identification of each product unit/batch, digital monitoring and management its movements and transformations from the source to the place of consumption in a decentralized, reliable, immutable and actionable way.

Product passport enables traceability and unique product authentication as well as reliable information about the use, reuse and recycling of products.

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