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Digital agri-food framework

From farm to fork: Digital farming

We love food, good quality, tasty food (and drinks, from time to time). We come from three countries (Ireland, the Netherlands, and Serbia) where food and land play very important items in national cultures and histories. We also love knowing where the ingredients come from, how the food was produced, transported, what (if any) insecticides and pesticides were used, how much water was needed, in what conditions were animals held, etc.

Hence, we developed and continue to develop agroNET, poultryNET, siloNET, fleetNET, and Product passport solutions which represent our digital farming platform. It acts as a hub with a range of modules supporting efficient organization and execution of multiple operations on the farm.

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Integrated digital farming, from vineyards and orchards to arable crops
agroNET is a cloud-based platform for all farm operations, enabling complete farm asset and activity management and monitoring. Having established such an integrated view of farm operations with a rich set of data readily available, thus overcoming fragmentation of data generated by equipment from different vendors, the platform provides a range of expert data analytics services designed to provide just-in-time guidance and support to farmers and to enable advanced automation of activities and labor savings.

agroNET comes with different configurations, tailored to the needs of
  • vineyards
  • orchards
  • vegetable production
  • and arable crop production

Integrated poultry farming – from feed to wellbeing
poultryNET is a platform for poultry farm decision support and management with a specific focus on animal welfare based on AI features.

The main purpose of the poultry management module is to enable the more efficient production of high-quality meat while reducing negative environmental impact and respecting animal welfare.
It provides easy-to-use decision support instructions based on the real-time observations of the parameters of interest and digitized domain expertise enabling farmers to manage all steps in the broilers’ production.
Grains management module
siloNET is a solution for grain management optimization.
The module provides monitoring and optimization of conditions during grain storage in a silo. It creates instructions on actions to be taken (grain elevation, pesticide usage, silo disinfection, etc.) by combining measurements with the grain type and storage period.

Benefits of a complete overview of the grain storage process:
  • Optimized number of elevation cycles
  • Reduction of the pesticide usage
  • Optimized energy consumption
  • Cost decreased
Improving utilization of agricultural machinery and assets
fleetNET solution helps optimize the usage of agricultural machinery and assets.

fleetNET provides real-time insights on where, how and by whom agricultural machines are used, enabling more effective planning and monitoring of actions undertaken in fields and farms. The solution contributes to the optimization of production costs, reduced fuel consumption, reduced maintenance costs, longer machinery lifetime, better control of working activities and prevention of vehicle misuse.
Product Passport
Connecting the dots, from the factory to a recycling site
Product passport is a digital platform enabling traceability and transparency of the crop production and animal breeding throughout the supply chain.

The platform provides unique identification of each product unit/batch, digital monitoring and management its movements and transformations from the source to the place of consumption in a decentralized, reliable, immutable and actionable way.
Solarko illustration
Mobile Solar Generators
Solarko is a mobile solar power supply system, intended for powering electrical consumers in agriculture, in places where there is no possibility of power supply from the electrical distribution network (irrigation systems, barns, warehouses, etc.).

This system is easy to handle, realized as a tractor-trailer, with good mobility for different terrain and with remote monitoring and control of work. It provides the possibility of connecting weather stations and sensors as well as the possibility of connection with information systems for farm management.

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