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The next generation of environmental monitoring

ekoNET is a turnkey solution designed for continuous monitoring of important environmental parameters like air and water quality and noise.

ekoNET is a cost-efficient solution, simple to deploy, use and maintain. The service combines portable devices and cloud-based functionality to enable environmental monitoring in a very granular manner.
Due to its small size and weight, ekoNET can be installed in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications including among others – public places, industrial sites, traffic sites, and constructions.

ekoNET mockup device

Unique presentation

Air and Water Symphony

As part of ekoNET – we have created a unique data presentation – a solution that turns environmental parameters data into musical sequences and generates the symphony. Different melodies are automatically created to reflect the emotions caused by different parameters of environmental monitoring.

*Click on the sound button in the picture to the left to hear what the Belgrade Air Symphony sounds like right now

System advantages

01 Turnkey Solution

Save time and money with a complete ready built platform

04 Data analytics and alarming

Data storage, data postprocessing and generation of pre-set alarms

02 Powerful reporting

Dashboard view to visualize real-time and historical measurements

05 Secured data

Full control of where your data is stored and how it is managed

03 Real time monitoring

Presenting results in real time monitoring and reporting

06 Located where ever you need

Our solution is easily scalable and ready to be used worldwide

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