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Supporting elderly living alone

careNET is a simple and comfortable care support tool that helps elderly people to live safely and independently. It consists of a smart bracelet, home gateways and dashboard/smartphone apps.

The careNET bracelet monitors activity (resting, moving) and alarms in case of unexpected or sudden changes in movement patterns in the home. The bracelet is constantly connected to two or more gateways located around the home, collecting real-time data.

The system can also monitor body temperature and peripheral oxygen saturation, notifying caregivers of spikes in temperature or change in oxygen level.

Elderly support
Elderly support dashboard


This comprehensive solution provides resident safety for seniors.

  • Movement and fall monitoring management
  • Wander management
  • Emergency Alerting
  • Nurse Care Call
  • Community care management

careNET is being developed and licensed in collaboration with our partner Pacsana.


01 Improved quality of service

Collecting and analyzing data in real time 24/7

02 Peace of mind

Managing resident safety and security, including emergency and nurse call

03 Independent living

Empowering seniors to live safe

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