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Integrating AI, ML, and Computer Vision Technologies

Driving Next-Gen Solutions Forward

We’re not just about tech; we’re about transforming industries and creating smarter solutions! Our expertise in cutting-edge AI areas like generative AI/large language models (GenAI/LLM) and computer vision allows us to design tailored solutions that drive real results.

Imagine a chatbot so intuitive, that it acts as your own personalized travel planner, understanding your unique needs and preferences. Or imagine cameras that give farmers an incredibly accurate view of their chickens’ growth, revolutionizing farm management. These aren’t just ideas – we’re making them happen with the power of GenAI/LLM and computer vision.







Chicken Weight Recognition System
Advanced computer vision techniques automatically identify individual chicken weight in farming environments. This enables farmers to accurately monitor growth and health, optimize feeding, and effectively manage production.

  • Tracking flock weight distribution to spot growth trends and outliers.
  • Identifying underperforming growth trends for targeted support and interventions.
Traffic Counting System
Advanced sensors and analytical algorithms accurately track vehicle and pedestrian movement on roads, enabling efficient traffic management, infrastructure adaptation, and optimized logistics.

  • Tracking pedestrian activity to create safer, more walkable city areas.
  • Monitoring traffic flow changes before and after infrastructure modifications.
AI Chatbot for Tourism
This interactive platform empowers tourists with personalized recommendations and information about attractions, accommodations, restaurants, and activities, resulting in efficient and enjoyable trip planning.

  • Touristic insights and language support to enhance your experience.
  • Recognition of complex inquiries, proactively offering a connection to a live operator for optimal assistance.
AI Chatbot for Digital Agriculture
Combining artificial intelligence with agronomic knowledge, this specialized chatbot supports farmers in crop optimization, water management, weather tracking, and more. The result? Personalized insights that help farmers achieve maximum yields.

  • Early detection of pest and disease risks through data analysis.
  • Customized recommendations based on soil type, crop variety, and climate data.
Kitchenware Production Optimization
Our modular solution tackles challenges in enamel kitchenware production, utilizing machine monitoring, visual recognition, analytics, and seamless communication to optimize processes, enhance efficiency, and improve quality control.

  • Real-time alerts for potential quality issues, minimizing waste.
  • Predictive maintenance support to prevent unplanned downtime.
Visitor Traffic Monitoring
Gaining actionable insights into visitor movement within various facilities using advanced computer vision technology.

  • Optimization of staffing and resource allocation based on peak traffic patterns.
  • Improving space planning by identifying areas of congestion or underutilization.
  • Understanding visitor flow to enhance customer experience and strategic decision-making.

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