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Farming by numbers, painted by local tradition and experience
Our digital farming platform includes a range of interoperable modules supporting execution of a variety of farm operations and creation of a transparent farm to fork supply chain.

Food and beverage


From hammer to high technologies, and beyond
Our solutions provide efficient monitoring and improvement of production processes and enable conversion of the physical products into digital interaction channels.



‘Beam me up Scottie’, does not work (yet)
From transporting feed to transporting food, our digital solutions enable efficient utilization of the fleets of vehicles.

Environmental monitoring

Environmental monitoring

Clean is in the air, smell is in the coffee…
Our digital environment monitoring platform enables continuous insights (visual and musical) into the air and water quality and noise levels.

Elderly care

Rooting for the elderly…
Our digital social care and support platform enables prolonged independent living for elderly people, peace of mind for caregivers, and more efficient caregiving service.

Let’s create digital landscape together!