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2023 Šipčanik Open Cellar Day

Last weekend, the DEMETER project was showcased during the “Open Cellar Day” wine and gastronomy festival at the Šipčanik cellar in Montenegro. This year, 13. Jul Plantaže celebrates its 60th anniversary, along with 30 years of the esteemed Vranac Pro Corde wine.

The festival served as a platform to demonstrate how the implementation of digital tools can enhance the productivity and quality of winemaking processes. It provided an excellent opportunity to engage consumers by sharing the captivating story behind the creation of the wine and providing insights into the DEMETER project. Additionally, the introduction of new QR codes for their renowned Vranac Pro Corde wine was a key focus at the festival.

The collaboration between 13. Jul Plantaže, DunavNET, and the University of Donja Gorica resulted in the creation of these QR codes as part of the DEMETER Pilot 5.1 Disease Prediction and Supply Chain Transparency for Orchards/Vineyards. The partnership highlights the dedication to advancing agricultural methods and ensuring transparency within the supply chain.

Throughout the day, visitors were welcomed to scan the QR codes, enabling them to access essential information about the wine’s chemical parameters. Furthermore, the QR codes offered details about the specific microlocality where the grapes for this wine are traditionally grown, confirming the wine’s originality and authenticity.

For more information about the event and our activities, please, visit the DEMETER website.

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