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Remarkable Project - Secondment

As part of the Remarkable Project, DunavNET had the privilege of hosting Dmitrij Teterja, a researcher in computer-based animal recognition, from the University of Alicante. During his three-month stay in Novi Sad, Dmitrij worked on enhancing his innovative mosaic method for bird identification, particularly in poultry farming to recognize chicken behaviors.

Dmitrij’s approach combines mosaic image techniques with deep learning to achieve significant accuracy in identifying specific behavior patterns such as sleeping, feeding, and drinking.

Recently, Dmitrij’s research on this subject has been published. You can access the paper at the Springer Link.

Dmitrij’s secondment in DunavNET is concluded, and we applaud his exceptional work and eagerly anticipate the continued progress in bird recognition technology. We appreciate Dmitrij Teterja’s dedicated work and outstanding contributions to our collaborative efforts during his stay in Novi Sad.