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DunavNET’s presence at the 90th International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad, held from May 20-26, 2023, has been met with resounding success. The International Agricultural Fair provided an excellent platform to connect with industry professionals, farmers, and technology enthusiasts. It was an excellent opportunity to exchange knowledge, share experiences, and build valuable partnerships to further drive the adoption of digital agriculture solutions.
At our booth, attendees had the chance to explore a wide range of digital agriculture solutions offered by DunavNET. We provided insights into the transformative power of our agroNET and poultryNET platforms, enabling farmers to streamline their operations, enhance productivity, and optimize resource utilization.
Collaborating with Alu Markom, we presented a powerful solution that combines mobile solar generators with our agroNET platform. This innovative approach contributes to sustainable farming practices and revolutionizes how agricultural operations harness energy for digital systems. Visitors had the opportunity to witness the seamless integration of solar energy and digital agriculture firsthand, leaving a lasting impression of its potential for the future.
Additionally, we dedicated a significant portion of our exhibition to presenting the latest advancements in digital agriculture, with a focus on the H2020 DEMETER and COMMECT projects. These initiatives are at the forefront of driving innovation in the agricultural sector, and we were proud to share their progress and impact with the fair’s attendees. Our team of experts was on hand to answer questions, offer demonstrations, and engage in meaningful discussions about how these projects are shaping the future of farming.
If you missed the chance to visit us at the 90th International Agricultural Fair, we invite you to explore our website and reach out to our team for more information. Discover how our digital agriculture solutions can transform your farming practices and unlock new growth opportunities: https://digitalfarming.eu/

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