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poultryNET is a cloud-based solution for the digital transformation of poultry farms. It provides real-time observations of the parameters of interest and digitized domain expertise enabling farmers to manage all steps in the broiler production while reducing negative environmental impact and respecting animal wellbeing.

The main features provide complete 24/7 insight into poultry barns from monitoring environmental parameters, daily weight and consumed feed and water, to a biosafety guide, costs/revenue calculator and digital assistant in problem solving. Using the poultryNET the environmental conditions, as well as food and water consumption and prepared feed mixture, could be tailored to specific animal needs and production goals. Increased of energy, optimized food and water consumption and better meat quality are the main benefits.

The poultryNET solution is applicable for broiler farms, parental flocks and laying hens.

Case Study 

Four years ago, we started cooperation with Agroprodukt Šinković company by implementing our digital farming platform for poultry production on their farm. The collaboration continued within the DEMETER project by expanding solutions and setting a basis for a transparent supply chain.

The Agroprodukt Šinković is a Serbian company focused on raising laying hens, parental flocks and day-old chicks for over 20 years. Their annual production is more than 10 million day-old chickens.

The video briefly presents the poultryNET case study – with case study customer Agroproduct Šinković.

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