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Within the first ATLAS Demo Day, our product manager Senka Gajinov, presented the PigstEYE, our solution for livestock farm management, exploring the topic of Behavioral Analysis and Management of Livestock.

The first ATLAS Demo Day brought together speakers from the agricultural sector. They explored the benefits of data-driven agriculture using the ATLAS Interoperability Network within a multitude of pilot studies. The event cast light on agricultural challenges and opportunities to overcome these through digital agriculture. It Is organized under the title: “Business Opportunities for Innovative Digital Data-Driven Agriculture”.

PigstEYE is the turnkey IoT/AI solution designed to improve animal welfare on pig farms and improve the overall farm performance. The solution provides pigs’ recognition, calculation of their size, and tracking of their movement. The work done in PigstEye project will be used as the basis for creation of a line of animal wellbeing features and features enabling optimization of other process in the value chain. PigstEYE is supported by H2020 ATLAS Project.

The Demo Day was held on November 24, as a virtual event. In case you missed it. You can watch our presentation and learn more about the PigstEYE solution and our involvement in the ATLAS H2020 project here.

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