With parkNET it’s never been easier to find a free parking spot in town. This cloud-based parking management solution enables drivers to significantly cut down the time required to find an available parking space, and consequently helps in reduction of gas emissions, while improving parking space utilization.

parkNET is the solution that overcomes the drivers’ challenges in metropolitan areas enabling the full insight into parking spaces utilization, management of public displays and offers better quality service like routing, costs, additional information and (optionally) payment.

The solution is also improving parking experience in shopping malls and hotels.


parkNET service components:

  • Battery powered sensors (lifetime 10 years) that are built into individual parking lots and are used to monitor occupancy
  • Cloud (Azure + E///) based infrastructure enables data collection, storage, analytics, retrieval and visualization
  • Web and mobile applications provide real-time information for end users


Benefits of using parkNET:

  • Reduced time needed to find available parking spots
  • Less traffic jams
  • Lower noise and air pollution
  • Parking utilization improvement
  • Saving fuel