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The power of partnership

We are strong believers that the strength of one’s ecosystem is one of the key factors influencing the ability to efficiently deliver turnkey IoT/AI solutions. Therefore, we have worked hard on creating an ecosystem of partners with whom we can rapidly design, implement, deliver and deploy IoT/AI solutions.

We have not developed our own IoT platform

but are relying on Microsoft Azure for scalability, reliability, and variety of useful features.

We have not developed our own AI platform

but are working together with SAS to process data and deliver valuable insights.

We are not developing our own hardware

but are working with a selected number of vendors to deliver gateways, sensors and other equipment tailored to the solution needs.

We are not deploying everything on our own

but are collaborating with service providers and system integrators present in selected regions to provide high-quality service and support to the end users.

We are not designing our own communication networks

but are collaborating with LPWAN and mobile operators to provide out of the box experience to the end users.

Communication network

So, is there anything that we actually do? A few things:

  • We talk to customers to understand their needs
  • We work with researchers and innovators to stay at the forefront of the technology
  • We select pieces of the puzzle required to create solutions solving customer problems
  • We design and implement the missing pieces
  • We combine the pieces of the puzzle in the right order and provide the glue where needed
  • We groom the puzzle pieces to make them more versatile
  • We giftwrap everything, including a bow on the top


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