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SmartImpact Project
SmartImpact Project

SmartImpact will provide an IoT enabled service for the management of the impact of urban development projects and public city activities by providing impartial evidence, real-time feedback and engagement between involved stakeholders such as city authorities, construction firms, entertainment venue operators and affected cit...

Microsoft Innovation Summit 2019
Microsoft Innovation Summit 2019, Munich

The 2019 Microsoft Innovation Summit for Retail & Consumer Goods, Logistics & Supply Chain Management aims to recognize and exploit the opportunities of digital transformation. In the focus of the agenda are topics such as:
-          Technologies for innovative sales formats and products

iot day 2019
IoT Day 2019
IoT community celebrates IoT Day on 9th of April. We will join the celebration, by organizing a party for our fellow citizens and discuss the latest achievements in IoT domain.
agroNET presentation Čerević
agroNET presentation, Čerević

Within the expert conference "Kreativna ekonomija, subvencije i digitalizacija u poljoprivredi“, our product manager, Senka Gajinov, will present agroNET solutions for the digitization of fruit and wine production, as well as the new Demeter project.

Visual Studio 2019
Visual Studio Local Launch Event 2019

Visual Studio Local Launch Event will be held in Novi Sad on April 3rd! Join us and learn about the latest and greatest features of Visual Studio 2019 IDE. Three luckiest participants will receive RevDeBug Visual Studio extension licenses. Apply here

agroNET presentation, Šid

We are pleased to invite you to attend the presentation of the agroNET solutions for orchards and vineyards. Join us in Šid, at the Winery Trivanović and learn more about the possibilities of the agroNET platform for optimization agricultural production.

IoT Week 2019
IoT Week 2019, Aarhus

Mark your calendars for this unique event addressing the latest trends in the IoT domain! The IoT Week gathers the community of stakeholders engaged in developing new Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and solutions.

Agra ME 2019
Agra Middle East 2019, Dubai

This March, we will be at the Agra Middle East 2019 exhibition, where we will present our digital agriculture toolset - agroNET.

ACEIoT, Rwanda

In Rwanda this week, in cooperation with the African Center of Excellence in Internet of Things, our CEO, Srdjan Krco is talking about IoT & entrepreneurship, smart cities and smart agriculture.