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agroNET in poultry barns

Three years ago, we started cooperation with Agroprodukt Šinković company by implementing our agroNET platform for poultry production on their...
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VIRAL workshop

VIRAL workshop

As part of the international conference “Agriculture for life, life for Agriculture”, the online VIRAL workshop will be held on...
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Today, together with partners from the DEMETER project, we are going to participate in the session “A smart and sustainable...
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LOGISTAR project

LOGISTAR project – contribution to more efficient transportation

LOGISTAR (“Enhanced data management techniques for real-time logistics planning and scheduling”) is an EU H2020 project that aims at allowing...
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Microsoft Industrial Day – Empowering Intelligent Agriculture

This week, Dr Srdjan Krco will participate in Microsoft Industrial Day – Empowering Intelligent Agriculture. Within the event, he will share a...
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Design Principles for Data Spaces – Position paper

The position paper is a result of the joint efforts of more than 40 experts from more than 25 organizations involved in...
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Panel Discussion – IoT in Agriculture

Last month, we participated in the 30th Industry 4.0 conference panel. This edition was held as an online event, hosted...
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MetalX predictive maintenance service

MetalX – predictive maintenance service

We are expanding our portfolio with another innovative solution. MetalX is a predictive maintenance service designed to monitor vibrations of...
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Air quality monitoring

Improving air quality monitoring methodology: from research to practice

Air pollution is a mixture of natural and man-made substances in the air we breathe.  Air pollution has a major...
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