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MetalX predictive maintenance service

We are expanding our portfolio with another innovative solution. MetalX is a predictive maintenance service designed to monitor vibrations of industrial equipment, helping to optimize operation, and providing insights into the working periods of machines and assets.

The system detects vibration levels using 3-axis accelerometers in real-time using machine learning algorithms and generates activity logbooks. This functionality is extended with a generation of alerts, actions invocation based on a set of rules as well as with predictive maintenance features.

The solution includes a web application with a graphical user interface for vibration monitoring in real-time.

We are developing MetalX service under the Market4.0 H2020 project in cooperation with Metalac, a leading manufacturing company from the metal sector in Serbia.

The MetalX service will be expanded through integration with the Market 4.0 platform, thus enabling Metalac and DunavNET to offer RECi/Product passport solutions to a larger customer base as well as to benefit from other services and solutions offered through the Market 4.0 platform.

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