IT mega trends

IT mega trends – the topic that draws our attention these days. We were part of the Tech Hosted by Lanaco company 2017 conference in Banja Luka on October 17th.

Side by side with Microsoft, Samsung and Oracle representatives, our colleague Nenad Gligorić was one of the panellists at the “IT mega trends” panel discussion.

This is the third edition of this conference that gathers IT experts and companies from around the world and the Balkan region.

In the picture on the right: Tomislav Tipurić (Microsoft), Nenad Gligorić (DunavNET) i Amer Hadžikadić (Oracle).

In the left picture: Nenad Gligorić (DunavNET), Tomislav Tipurić (Microsoft), Danijel Sajfert (Samsung) i Amer Hadžikadić (Oracle).