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Kyklos 4.0 Final Event

We’re delighted to share the exciting news of the successful conclusion of the KYKLOS 4.0 Project’s final event! Our senior researcher, Dr Dejan Drajić, participated as a panelist last week, bringing to light key aspects of the Beer CO2 Project.

Dr Drajic presented the significant activities and achievements of the project, underscoring the importance of steps towards circular production. His involvement added depth to discussions about the unique KYKLOS 4.0 ecosystem, charting a course toward sustainable and efficient production.

The event brought together participants, both in-person and virtually, enabling them to delve into how the policy framework supports transformation. Simultaneously, business representatives shared their insights on guiding SMEs to achieve their goals.

Beyond policy discussions, attendees also gained a deeper understanding of how KYKLOS 4.0 Marketplace has progressed in offering circular manufacturing solutions that align with sustainability criteria.

For more information visit Kyklos 4.0 official website.

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