Korea-Serbia Smart City Webinar

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Korea-Serbia Smart City Webinar

Our CEO, Dr Srdjan Krco, will be a speaker at the Korea-Serbia Smart City Webinar on March 23rd, where he will share valuable insights on the latest Smart City technologies developed in Serbia. Dr Krco’s talk will provide a glimpse into how these cutting-edge technologies are transforming urban living and shaping the future of Smart Cities. EU projects DEMETER and COMMECT will be presented, showcasing innovative solutions and technologies for the agriculture sector.

In addition to Dr Krco’s presentation, our colleague, Mr Andrej Kaločanj Mohači from DIGITALware, will also speak at the event on the topic of Noise Monitoring as part of the Smart City System.

The webinar is organised by NIA (National Information Society) and Kotra (Korean Trade Investment Promotion Agency).

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