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Last week, Žabljak hosted the prestigious XXVIII International Scientific Conference on Information Technologies, which took place from February 21st to 24th, 2024. Supported by leading institutions and companies from the region, this conference brought together over 200 experts and researchers in the field of information technologies.

At this event, our CEO Srđan Krčo, moderated a panel dedicated to artificial intelligence, bringing his experience and insights into the application of artificial intelligence in various sectors. Additionally, dr Srđan Krčo also presented the progress of activities within the COMMECT project.

This conference reaffirmed its importance as a platform for the exchange of ideas, connecting experts and researchers from different parts of the world, and fostering progress in the field of information technologies. This annual gathering has not only established itself as a meeting place for leading thinkers in the technology domain but also as a key driver of innovation and technological advancement in the global community.

Alongside presentations of projects such as EuroCC2, Montenegrin Academic Digital Innovation Hub, TRACEWINDU, FoodHUB, HPC4S3ME, AI-AGE, STECCI, FishEUTrust, Solar Katun, Enav, participants had the opportunity to engage in interactive workshops, panels, and training sessions.

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