Presenting TagItSmart! at the IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona

From 3-5th of October, Barcelona is going to host the world leading event that links the IoT domain with industry - the IoT Solutions World Congress. We will be there, too.

Our CEO, Srdjan Krco, Nikolina Radvanji (Univerexport) and Milos Loncar (Microsoft) will gather at the Open industry session “Dynamic pricing mechanisms enabled by smart packaging” to talk about the TagItSmart! pilot deployment using printable sensors that can provide information about the origin of products and supply chain conditions. Participants will have the opportunity hear more details about the dynamic pricing feature that enables customers to reduce the cost of changing price labels in individual items, provide attractive service to consumers and eventually obtain consumer data for better profiling of consumers.

Don’t miss this session on 4/10/2017 at 17:10 in Room 6!

The mission and philosophy of the IoT Solutions World Congress is to “educate IoT professionals about how to best evaluate and deploy Industry IoT opportunities to improve business outcomes”. This is possible by exploring how the IoT is affecting 6 different industries, through 6 conference tracks: manufacturing, energy and utilities, connected transport, healthcare, buildings and infrastructure, open industry. The organizers announce 240 exhibiting companies, 250 top-level speakers, more than 100 expert-led sessions and expect 10 000 visitors that will have a chance to hear about IoT-related experiences from end-users, deployment experts, standards organizations, government agencies, and industry peers.