IoT-EPI and IoT Austria IoT Meetup in Vienna

These days (11-13/10) we are gathering with the IoT-European Platforms Initiative projects' representatives in Vienna to discuss various IoT aspects and to present TagItSmart! project.With more than 40 IoT experts in one place, we will be discussing IoT platforms interoperability, insights on running open calls, community building, future steps etc.Besides this, tomorrow we are taking part in the IoT Meetup Vienna organised by IoT-European Platforms Initiative and IoT-Austria. These two organisations have teamed up to foster collaboration and to become a joint driver for IoT in Austria and Europe.By being a part of IoT-EPI (with 6 more research and innovation projects: Inter-IoT, Big IoT, AGILE, SymbIoTe, Vicinity and bIoTope), our project TagItSmart! (smart tags driven service platform for enabling ecosystems of connected objects) will be presented during the upcoming IoT Meetup by our CEO, Srdjan Krco.The IoT European Platforms Initiative (IoT-EPI) was formed to build a vibrant and sustainable IoT-ecosystem in Europe, maximizing the opportunities for platform development, interoperability and information sharing. In this context, 3rd parties (SMEs, startups, etc.) will gain access to innovative IoT-platform technologies. A strong support and funding structure in the form of workshops and open calls (5,5M€ funding) will foster further collaboration.