Turnkey IoT Solutions

Sensors, gateways, cloud-based platform, web and mobile applications – we’ve got it all covered!

Driven by innovation, we are focused on design, implementation, and deployment of end-to-end IoT solutions.

We offer all required components and functionality from hardware devices equipped with sensors, actuators, gateways, integration with the cloud-based platform including data analytics, remote management and security, as well as the client web and mobile applications.

The power of partnership

We believe that the combination of a good knowledge base and cooperation with the first-class partners is the right foundation for creating best-of-breed complete IoT solutions.

Being one of the Microsoft Azure IoT partners, an integral part of our ecosystem is Microsoft Azure scalable, reliable and secure cloud platform.

To ensure the best cost/performance ratio, we’ve joined our forces with the various certified hardware providers.

What’s defining our success in the IoT world is taking part in the various R&D projects and teaming up with the domain experts. To keep up with the latest developments in the IoT domain, we are constantly upgrading our knowledge base, and gained expertise and valuable experience is being implemented into our innovative solutions.


Standalone solution, our or private label, or our components integrated into your solution - you name it, and we’ll make it!

Our solutions are offered to:


as standalone solutions or integrated into wider solutions using open APIs


as hosted and managed under their own label or combined with the services they already provide

Software developers

as digital enablers hosted on MS Azure, accessible via APIs


Data-driven cities, agriculture and manufacturing

We are bringing the digital transformation to the world around us.

Our rich portfolio of IoT solutions is here to advance the cities of today, to transform the traditional approach to agricultural production and to improve manufacturing processes.


Smart City

Smart City

On our way to improve the cities of today and to make cities become smarter, we create innovative solutions. From city-centric and citizen-centric point of view our cityNET solutions (IoT solutions for smart cities) will make cities of future safer and more efficient.

Explore our cityNET Solutions.


The ultimate, location aware, local guide to restaurants, hotels, cafes, and events. The app enables simple and fast discovering interesting places with the option of making a reservation, insight into menu and special offers, and notifications about the local events.


Solution that simplifies finding the nearest available on-street parking spot, enabling drivers to significantly cut down the time in searching for the available parking spot, while at the same time, lowering noise and air pollution.


Find more details on cityNET website.


Simple and easy-to-deploy solution for waste management optimization in urban areas.


Find more details on cityNET website.


Complete end-to-end solution which enables everyone to have different environment monitoring data (air quality, temperature, humidity, UV rays exposure, exposure to harmful gases and noise) in real time, suitable for fixed and mobile installations.

Find more details on ekoNET website.


Remote vehicle tracking solution for efficient management and control of the vehicle usage. fleetNET provides insights into vehicles’ locations and speeds, important parameters from the board computer (like fuel consumption), style of driving, compliance with the rules of the road etc. in real time.

Find more details on fleetNET website.

Smart Agriculture

Smart Agriculture

Trending to optimize and increase the quality, quantity and sustainability of agricultural production as well as to bring the change in agricultural sector, we created agroNET. This is a modular, reliable and secure digital agriculture toolset designed to take the place of “farmers’ personal agronomist”.

Visit agroNET Solutions website.

Monitoring environment to improve pest and disease control, keeping the plants healthy.


Find more details on agroNET website.

Combinig RFID and cloud technologies to enable efficient individual asset management.


Find more details on agroNET website.

Soluton that traks the changes that happen in the production fields using droens and HD cameras.



Find more details on agroNET website.

Solution that enables continuous monitoring of the increase in population of harmful butterflies' using cameras and pheromones traps.


Find more details on agroNET website.

Innovative service for plant-specific, model based irrigation using Internet of Things. Enables optimization of irrigation process by using the data from the field, current weather conditions and weather forecast to create an „irrigation“ recipe. 

Find more details on agroNET website.

Custom IoT

Smart Manufacturing

Transforming the manufacturing processes by using the power of data and Internet of Things to increase efficiency and quality and cut down the costs.

Solution that improves manufacturing processes and production of adhesives, their application in the process of affixing labels to bottles to ensure optimal adhesion, identify interruptions and reduce costs.