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Our new H2020 project called TRACEWINDU has started last month. The project aims to improve the productivity of vineyards by guaranteeing the traceability of the wine throughout its value chain, with smart labels and a blockchain-based data registry.  

Blockchain technologies developed to improve wine traceability

Throughout the next 48 months, the TRACEWINDU project will develop a system of smart labels that will allow tracing the trajectory of each bottle from the beginning, and at the same time register each of the places the bottle is sent to. This traceability aims to protect the winemaking industry from annual losses of thousands of millions of Euros due to falsifications and illegal trade. 

The project includes an association of 10 institutions from 6 countries: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain), Fundació Parc Tecnòlogic del Vi (Spain), INNOLABS SRL (Italy), Universita di Pisa (Italy), Université de Pau et donis Pays de l’Adour (France), Advanced Isotopic Analysis (France), DNET LABS Doo Novi Sad (Serbia), Univerzitet Donja Gorica Podgorica (Montenegro), 13 Jul Plantaze ad Podgorica (Montenegro) and the Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia Industrial (Argentina). 

The TRACEWINDU project is funded by the European Union under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions of the Horizon 2020 Programme, a flagship program of the European Union to provide support to scientific excellence and cooperation between countries, sectors and research fields. 

Read the article about the project at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona website.

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