This smart easy-to-deploy solution used in manufacture optimizes application of adhesives in the process of affixing labels to bottles.

The solution includes:

  • Online environmental conditions monitoring to ensure optimal adhesion
  • Online adhesive consumption monitoring to ensure optimal usage
  • Online monitoring of affixing process to identify interruptions and notify stakeholders
  • Generating reports to enable analysis and improvement of manufacturing processes and adhesives production


glueNET service components:

  • A set of devices/sensors equipping each production line

         - Air temperature and humidity

         - Bottle counters

         - Weighing scales

         - Temperature of adhesives

         - Gateway collecting measurements and forwarding to cloud

         - Operator dashboard (running on a tablet) to control the process and receive notifications

  • Cloud based infrastructure

         - Application logic processing, storing and analysing data

  • Management dashboard (web) to track progress and visualize insights


Benefits of using glueNET:

  • Optimized affixing process, i.e.

         - Reduced adhesive usage

         - Real-time notifications on the production process

         - Reduced costs

         - Customer satisfaction

         - Smart warehousing, reduced risk of labels falling off due to condensation