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BeerCo2 Project

The final experiment of the BEERco2 series will be organized at the Magnus Craft brewery by the end of this month. Participants of this final workshop will be introduced to the mobile application for monitoring and managing the beer production process.

The BEERco2 is the project that aims to enable small breweries to improve the production process and move to a circular economy and on-demand production model (according to consumer preferences). The solution seeks to optimize beer production in relation to energy and water consumption through digitization, collection and analysis of production data. In addition to saving resources, the data collected from the production process can facilitate the exploitation of waste by directing it to other value chains, such as the feed industry, composting or as a raw material for biofuels.

BEERco2 is a funded experiment under the KYKLOS 4.0 project‘s 1st Open Call for innovative solutions to improve digital manufacturing processes. The project includes Serbian companies Dunavnet and Inosens, as well as the experimental craft brewery Magnus Kraft.

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