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EUDigiTour project

EU digiTOUR project co-funded by the COSME Programme of the European Union is a new project in our portfolio. The project aims to build the capacity of tourism SME’s towards digital transformation. The ultimate goal is to boost the uptake of digitalisation, innovation and new technologies in tourism through transnational cooperation and capacity building.

The EU DigiTOUR project will design and deliver a transnational, cross-border and cross-ecosystem support scheme to support the European tourism SME capacity building in the field of digital transformation, overcoming the barriers in the adoption of key digital enabling techs, with a view to increasing their business growth.

The EU DigiTOUR is strongly based on the concept of capacity building, knowledge sharing and transfer, as well as the idea of hacking solutions according to a cooperative and systemic approach.

The action is implemented in Italy, Slovakia, Croatia and Germany for 28 months, starting from the official kick-off on 11 November 2021.

The EU DigiTOUR strategy was created combining the expertise and skills of 10 partners in the field of digital transformation with a focus on AI, IoT, AR/VR, big data; from business support organisations, incubators and accelerators with a long track-record in providing training, promoting digital transformation, and providing business support services to SMEs and startups, with a specific focus on innovation and in the social impact as well as in tourism industry.

The transnationality of the program is also a pivotal element of the partnership since 5 different EU countries are covered  (Italy, Germany, Serbia, Slovenia and Croatia) to facilitate the cross-cooperation.

Learn more at the EU DigiTOUR website.

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