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The Eco Forum, held in Zlatibor from May 20th to 22nd, brought together experts and industry leaders to delve into crucial sustainability and circular economy topics. With a focus on circular economy, recycling, e-mobility, and renewable energy, the event highlighted the increasing importance of corporate sustainability in Serbia.

Our CEO, Dr. Srđan Krčo, presented on “Digital Product Passport as a Pillar of Circular Economy.” He detailed our ongoing collaboration with OriginTrail, within H2020 Tracewindu, and FishEUTrust projects, to develop and implement Digital Product Passports. This innovative tool enables comprehensive product tracking throughout the value chain, enhancing transparency and traceability to support sustainability and circular economy principles.

Organized by the association “Vozim na struju” and supported by various local entities, the Eco Forum served as a vital platform for fostering collaboration and promoting sustainable practices in the region.

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