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DSC Europe 2023

The DSC Europe conference is set to unfold from November 22nd to 24th at the “Sava Center” in Belgrade, Serbia. With a robust agenda, the event showcases a roster of 500+ speakers delving into 70+ cutting-edge AI & Data topics, drawing an expected audience of over 3000 attendees.

Our CEO, Dr. Srdjan Krčo, will take the stage to share insights in a breakout session focusing on Intelligent Farming. Participants will have the opportunity to witness firsthand the transformative impact of IoT and AI technologies in agriculture as Dr. Krčo unveils experiences from DunavNET’s dynamic “kitchen.” Additionally, he will shed light on the innovative COMMECT project.

This session promises valuable insights into how these technologies optimize farming operations and contribute to sustainability. Stay informed about the conference details at the DSC Europe Conference.

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