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dRural Gradiska

Introducing dRural Gradiška, the latest addition to our projects’ portfolio. We are delighted to announce our preparations for implementing the dRural platform in the Gradiška region (Bosnia and Herzegovina). This platform, poised as a cornerstone for innovative smart development, will usher in 30 simplified and 4 complex services, with the aim of elevating local businesses and enhancing residents’ quality of life.
The integration of the dRural platform into the Gradiška region marks a significant stride toward digital transformation that will enrich the local community. By aligning specific regional needs with technological capacities, this initiative holds the potential to transform the region into a hub of technological excellence.
Our role in the project encompasses all aspects of platform integration and service customization for the Gradiška region. We are dedicated to this task and look forward to realizing the vision of smart development with the support of the local community.

This project is supported by the H2020 dRural Project through its Open Call for Mirror regions.

For more detailed information about the dRural project, please visit dRural official website.

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