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From analog to digital, in just a few weeks…

We help businesses, manufacturers, producers of physical goods to digitally transform their products into smart digital products and services. With a vast technological competence and experience from multiple user domains, through a co-creation process, we can help you to start and develop your digital portfolio.

Business challenge identification
Business challenge identification

2-3 weeks
Clearly pinpointing the need and the idea

Proof of concept
Proof of concept

8-10 weeks
Fast design and prototyping leveraging our ecosystem

Minimum viable product
Minimum viable product

6 months
Taking PoC learnings and expanding PoC to create a minimum viable product


4 months
Running a pilot in a controlled production environment and friendly users

First commercial
First commercial version ready

12 months
The digital solution is ready for the full-scale implementation

Connected products. Smart services. Intellingent processes.

Smart, connected products transmit the data about their use, state, and environment to the end users, cars stream information about their location, industrial machines are real-time monitored and their work is being optimized.

Products, services, and processes are gaining new capabilities and functionalities, and all this thanks to the powerful software intelligence, smart technology infrastructure and properly used data.

Transform, go digital!