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Smart parks


busNET - Smart Public Transport

Utilizing the most advanced technology today it is possible to improve the public transport quality of service for the passengers offering them innovative user experience using Augmented Reality which is used to present relevant service information such as bus arrival times, tourist information and air quality. The integrated mobile payment and ticketing enables travelers to purchase transport tickets with their smartphones and validate them using simple and yet effective and secure process without requiring additional validator devices within the vehicles. Furthermore, multi-modal transportation option provides a way to purchase tickets for integrated transport within the city. 


parkNET - Smart Parking

Using parkNET solution, it is possible to monitor availability of the on-street parking bays in real time. Battery powered sensors (lifetime 10 years), built into asphalt of individual parking bays, monitor occupancy and inform central system about every change. The information about the number of available parking bays in a street or an area is made available online, via web and mobile applications. Using this information, drivers can significantly cut down the time required to find an available parking space, thus not only saving personal time, but also decreasing street and pollution. Further to this, utilization of parking spaces increase as the drivers are actively directed to available ones.  

touristNET - Smart Tourism

Improvement of level of service offered to tourists within the city utilizing advanced technical solution including interactive smart info desks presenting the relevant information such as tourist landmarks, meteorological parameters and up-to-date information about city concerts, sport, cultural and other events. Embedded video cameras detect the emotions of the person in front of the desk which then triggers interaction with the city furniture (e.g. fountain, public display etc.). Furthermore, Augmented Reality application for the smartphones can be used to show additional information to the tourists when in certain location or when looking at certain image such as billboard, advert or special marker located at strategical points within the city (e.g. near the important landmark or next to the exhibits in the museums). Also, Augmented Reality treasure hunt games can engage tourists to win a price and at the same time visit tourist attractions and learn more about them. 


wasteNET - Smart Waste Collection

Dedicated sensors placed within the underground waste containers enable accurate detection of the fill level and therefore enable optimization of waste collection routes on a daily or hourly basis, saving time, energy and reducing the overall cost of the service while increasing the efficiency. Furthermore, the sensors are also utilized to detect fire or smoke within the containers enabling timely reaction in order to reduce the risk of larger damage and increase the general safety of citizens and city property.  


ekoNET - Smart environment monitoring

ekoNET enables continuous monitoring of environment parameters that have significant impact on the quality of life and the health of citizens like air quality (monitoring concentration of different gases in the air, for example CO, CO2, particles, etc.), noise and UV. Using portable devices that can be installed indoors and outdoors, on fixed locations (buildings, traffic lights, lamp posts) or vehicles (to monitor larger area) real-time insight into the status of the environment in the city can be obtained. The measurements are made available online, via web and mobile applications, visualized according to the needs of specific user groups (for example air quality parameters are processed and easy to understand air quality index is presented).   


fleetNET - Fleet management

fleetNET represents the core component of a fleet management solution, for public or private fleet of vehicles. It enables real time monitoring of vehicles’ locations and speeds, important parameters from the board computer (like fuel consumption), style of driving, compliance with the rules of the road etc. thus providing all required information for efficient management and control of the usage of the vehicles. The solution can be easily combined with the mTicketing solution to create an integrated solution for management and mobile ticketing in public transport.  


irrigNET - Smart parks

irrigNET enables efficient irrigation of green areas in the city. Combining continuous monitoring of soil moisture and combining it with weather forecast and domain expert knowledge about the needs of particular plants, irrigation can be optimized to ensure optimal usage of water and the best growing conditions for the plants.  




parkNET - Less time lost driving around, less pollution, better utilized parking spaces

Using parkNET means less time lost driving around, less pollution and better utilization of parking spaces. parkNET enables drivers to significantly cut down the time required to find an available parking space, and consequently helps in reduction of traffic jams and gas emissions. The information about the available parking places in selected area and reports for the end users are available through web and mobile application.

urbanNET - The ultimate, location aware, solution to easily explore city places and local events

urbanNET is a hedonist guide to the most respected local cafes, restaurants, hotels and an essential way to stay informed about local events. This mobile app enables easier navigation and search for interesting places with features such as menu review and making reservations for the end users. The app brings more customers to business owners as the reservation option is just a few clicks away and all the necessary information is easily accessible.


wasteNET - Collect only when full, reduce costs, improve citizen satisfaction

wasteNET monitors the fill level of the underground waste containers (battery powered sensors) and notifies responsible service provider when waste should be collected (web and mobile application). Collection route is optimized based on the received information from the containers to reduce operational costs and increase efficiency.


ekoNET - Low-cost environmental monitoring solution for indoor and outdoor deployment

ekoNET is a turnkey solution designed for continuous monitoring of important environmental parameters that have significant impact on the quality of life and the health of citizens like air quality (PM, CO, SO2, O3, NO, NO2 and CO2 concentration), temperature, humidity, air pressure and noise. The solution is suitable for indoor and outdoor, fixed and mobile installations, enabling granular view of the environmental parameters in both cities and enterprises. The measurements are made available online, via web and mobile applications that visualize data, enable configuration of the system and generate required reports.


fleetNET - Optimize fleet utilization, improve work processes and compliance

fleetNET is reliable fleet management solution that enables enterprises to improve efficiency of business processes, monitor compliance with task assignments and legislations, optimize workforce allocation and prevent misuse of company assets. The solution collects a range of parameters from the vehicles (monitoring not only their whereabouts, but also how the vehicles are being used) and interacts with other relevant enterprise systems to provide an integrated view supporting better business decision making and more efficient business operation.