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BeerCo2 Project

BEERco2 project will assist small craft breweries in upgrading their production processes towards a circular model allowing on-demand and consumer-centric production.

BEERco2 is a funded experiment under the KYKLOS 4.0 project‘s 1st Open Call for innovative solutions to improve digital manufacturing processes. Within the period of 6 months, it will develop and verify a roadmap for technologies and activities that will allow small craft brewers to transition to a circular economy model and consumer-centric, on-demand manufacturing. Brewers will be able to transparently provide evidence of the carbon footprint generated by beer production and appeal to modern consumers looking for both product quality and sustainable and environmentally responsible production by leveraging KYKLOS services, specifically PLM, Cyber-physical infrastructure, and KYKLOS 4.0 Interface.

The BEERco2 consortium consists of 3 partners:

  • DNET (Serbia), the BEERco2 coordination, will provide expertise in the domain of designing and provisioning turnkey IoT/AI solutions.
  • Magnus Kraft (Serbia) will provide a test site for the BEERco2 experiment as well as expertise in brewing technology and processes.
  • InoSense (Serbia) will provide expertise in the fields of communication and business support.

About KYKLOS 4.0: This H2020 project seeks to create an innovative Circular Manufacturing ecosystem based on novel CPS and AI-based technologies, enhanced with novel production mechanisms and algorithms, focusing on personalised products with extended life cycles and promoting energy efficient and low material consumption intra-factory production processes, resulting in lower greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants. KYKLOS 4.0 will demonstrate the transformative effects that CPS (Circular Production System), PLM (Product Life Management), LCA (Life Cycle Analysis), AR (Augmented Reality), and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies and methodologies will have on the Circular Manufacturing Framework in a realistic, measurable, and replicable manner.

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