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AIMHiGH project

Our new project AIMHiGH (AI /ML Enabled by HPC for Edge Camera Devices for the Next Generation Hen Farms) has been selected as one of 16 application experiments within the FF4EuroHPC project.

The AIMHiGH project proposes the use of HPC and deep learning AI to create prediction models that can be deployed on edge devices equipped with camera sensors for use in IoT/AI solutions in the poultry sector. It is funded as an application experiment within Horizon 2020 FF4EuroHPC project and coordinated by

AIMHiGH project’s kick-off meeting took place at the University of Donja Gorica on 26 June 2021.

Partners on the project are DigitalSmart, University of Donja Gorica, DunavNET, Meso-Promet (Franca) and Radinovic Company. DunavNET provides expertise in AI/ML, IoT and software development, while the University of Donja Gorica will be providing HPC and domain expertise through NCC Montenegro and FoodHub Centre of Excellence. Montenegrin companies Meso-promet Franca and Radinović Company will be taking part in the evaluation and piloting process.

Find out more at the H2020 FF4EuroHPC project website.

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