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The AIMHiGH project is an experiment that was conducted under the FF4EuroHPC initiative to improve the efficiency and performance of high-performance computing in Europe.  The main goal of the engagement was to understand their business challenges and to present an IoT-based poultry farm management solution, supported by a set of sensors for environmental monitoring. The use of HPC and deep learning AI were used to create prediction models that can be deployed on edge devices equipped with camera sensors for use in IoT/AI solutions in the poultry sector.

Several organizations collaborated on the AIMHiGH project. The end-users were the Radinović Company and Meso-Promet Franca, while the University of Donja Gorica, which is part of the NCC Montenegro, provided domain expertise. The ISV for the project was DunavNET, and DigitalSmart provided HPC and AI expertise.

The AIMHiGH project resulted in a new digital farming solution that combines cameras, edge computing, and an IoT platform. The system helped to reduce manual labor costs and chicken mortality rates by 10% and detect disease or abnormalities quicker than before. The technology developed in this project has become a part of the poultryNET platform offering, and there is an opportunity to sell such components to third-party vendors active in the market of smart agriculture solutions.

Overall, the AIMHiGH project demonstrated the potential of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and high-performance computing to develop innovative solutions for the agriculture industry. The project also showcased the benefits of collaboration among different organizations with expertise in various fields.

We invite you to view the video presentation highlighting the AIMHiGH project as one of the success stories of FF4EuroHPC.

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