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Three years ago, we started cooperation with Agroprodukt Šinković company by implementing our agroNET platform for poultry production on their farm. The cooperation continued within the DEMETER project by expanding solution and setting a basis for a transparent supply chain.

agroNET platform modules for optimizing poultry breeding, both parental flocks and laying hens have been deployed in Agroprodukt’s poultry barns in order to provide real-time insight into environmental conditions and enable animal welfare.

The Agroprodukt Šinković is a Serbian company that has been focused on raising laying hens, parental flocks and day-old chicks for more than 20 years. Their annual production is more than 10 million day-old chickens.

Laslo Šinković, the owner of the company, said: “We are using the agroNET platform for poultry production as a tool for optimization of raising laying hens and parental flocks. The platform brings us 24/7 insight into poultry barns without the need for on-site inspection a few times per day. This allows us to react on time and provide optimal environmental conditions for raising poultry. Additionally, the possibility of comparing our results with technology parameters is very helpful in feed management.”

Future steps will lead to wider cooperation: “We are planning to expand digitization on other parts of our production to be able to optimize inputs and provide transparency of all relevant parameters for our partners, different stakeholders” – explains Laslo.

Watch the interview with Laslo and learn more about their involvement in the DEMETER project.

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