TagItSmart 2nd Open Call Submissions are Open

TagItSmart! Open Call No 2 is officially open! The partners on the project are looking for tools to create smart solutions for the whole value chain: manufacturers, transportation, retail, consumers and recycling.

If you're interested in and capable of executing one or more of the following activities, apply before November 1st!

1. Category A: New use cases (Pilots) up to 9 Months: applicants that want to test and include TagItSmart! solutions in their products or services and particularly those with an existing business need, relevant product and infrastructure.

2. Category B: New extensions (Modules) up to 5 Months: applicants with information, databases, tools or applications for the whole supply chain of products (packaging, production, manufacturing, transportation, retail, consumer and recycling), that want to standardize, adapt and include TagItSmart! enablers and/or add new components that extend and improve functionality addressing preferably data privacy, security, Big Data, analytics and consumer engagement.

If you need more information about the TagItSmart! Open Call, and want to learn more about TagItSmart funding opportunities, come to our Information Moments! Join us in our headquarters, Antona Cehova 1 Novi Sad, on 27/09 and 04/10, 14-15h!