CLIPS Project
  • The pilot will demonstrate a new approach to delivery of public services through use of cloud computing
  • It is set in the City of Novi Sad, Serbia and is funded by EU as one of five pilots across European cities  offering the same  type of services
  • Novi Sad municipality has identified specific services to be implemented within this pilot which will together enable a first step for a family or business moving to (or around) Novi Sad
  • An example of these services is a mash-up and visualization of information of interest, i.e. publicly available information: public infrastructure  general safety, capture areas of health centres, pre-schools and schools, population structure, energy efficiency of the buildings, average costs per apartment based on their specific circumstances etc.


IoT Lab

IoT Lab
  • A new IoT Lab tool is available that explores the potential of crowdsourcing and crowdsensing to extend the testbed infrastructure for multidisciplinary experiments with more end-user interactions. This will provide you with an opportunity to collect data for your research by accessing the Testbed as a Service with crowdsourcing tools and IoT testbeds
  • Sign up for Testbed as a Service, the IoT Lab tool for researchers, if you are looking for tools for engaging citizens in your research projects. This will provide you with an opportunity to propose a research, vote and rank the research ideas or take part in research projects by providing your knowledge or mobile phone sensor data
  • Download IoT Lab mobile application by scanning QR code if you want to support and take part in research activities and influence the future research


MobiWallet Pilot
  • The pilot is set in the City of Novi Sad, Serbia and it is funded by EU as one of four pilots across European cities
  • Pilot aims to demonstrate the mobile payment in public transport utilising the QR code, augmented reality (AR) and optical validation
  • Pilot will provide a multimodal transport through integration of two transport means (busses and rental bikes) and it will demonstrate interoperability of the payment systems for different transport means
  • Partners involved in realisation of this Pilot are DunavNET, JGSP Novi Sad and City of Novi Sad

You can download MobiWallet application from Google Play.



Sociotal pilot
  • SocIoTal will deliver services and application for the citizens depicted during co-creation workshops held in the City of Novi Sad and the City of Belgrade, Serbia
  • Elevator supervisor pilot enables automatic monitoring of elevator's traveled distance and automatic malfunction detection as well as possibility for alerts that will notify the user if service is required
  • Mood of the city pilot will tell you how much the city is happy by building a happiness index - metric based on an environmental parameters extracted from the sensors deployed in the city and citizens' feedback: mood detected from the phone's camera and scientific questionnaire

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