ALAN IT and DunavNET bringing smart agriculture solutions to Russia

Partnership agreement signed at Microsoft Inspire 2017: Russian company ALAN IT obtained the right to distribute, deploy and maintain agroNET solutions in the Russian market.

For ALAN IT and DunavNET, Microsoft Inspire Partner Conference held in Washington DC from July 9th to July 13th, was truly partner oriented and inspirational, not only because of the great keynote presentations and ample networking opportunities, but also because it was the venue where these companies signed a partnership agreement.

The aim of this annual event, to bring together the global partner community to network, learn and collaborate, worked out well in this case.

“Microsoft Inspire was a great opportunity to meet again with the ALAN IT team”, said our CEO Dr Srdjan Krco. “After the initial discussions facilitated by colleagues from Microsoft offices in Russia and Serbia, and several joint activities undertaken since, this collaboration agreement is the next step towards digitalization of Russian agriculture leveraging agroNET, our digital agriculture toolset, and the expertise and market presence of ALAN IT.”

By partnering with DunavNET, ALAN IT (Microsoft Partner Awards 2017 winner in the domain of IoT, SAM and Cloud Packaged Solution) obtained the right to distribute, deploy and maintain agroNET solutions in the Russian market. With agroNET, a suite of modern agriculture focused IoT solutions, DunavNET together with ALAN company, will help farmers worldwide to digitalize agricultural production, improve the quality and the yield of crops, and, overall, to enable more sustainable food production for the growing global population.

“We are familiar with the solutions of our Serbian colleagues for a long time. DunavNET’s smart solutions are unique in the Russian market, and we are the only representatives of the company in Russia. With practical experience of DunavNET and support from Microsoft, we are given the opportunity to adapt existing IoT solutions, but also to create our own IoT-based solutions. This partnership is enabling us to enhance the customer’s experience, to offer them best-of-breed technologies and bring the agriculture in Russia to the next level,” says Alexander Elin, CEO of ALAN IT. 

ALAN IT is well established on the Russian market with a range of solutions implemented and supported. They are also very active in developing their own solutions (Smart4agro) for the agribusiness domain, complementing the agroNET suite and thus making these complete offer even more appealing.

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