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DunavNET at the TFM&A Event in London

On February 25th and 26th, DunavNET participated at the TFM&A event in London.

Information Day for H2020
Information Day for H2020

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development and the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications organized ICT Information Day 2 which was held on Wednesday, February 11th 2015, from 9:30AM to 01:30PM in the Science Club of the Ce...

IoT Meetup #6
IoT Meetup #6

On February10th, IoT Meetup #6 was held in Belgrade, for the very first time.

IoT Meetup #5
IoT Meetup #5 - 2015: The Year of the Internet of Things

On February9th, IoT Meetup #5 was held in Novi Sad. The hangout started global, with Rob van Kronenburg talking about the IoT experiences from Taiwan, as well as how will our application for measuring the happiness of Novosadians be used in Taiwan.

Smart city – activities and opportunities
Novi Sad, a smart city – activities and opportunities

DunavNET participated at the presentation of the “Smart Cities” program entitled "Novi Sad, a smart city – activities and opportunities" for the representatives of SMEs from the territory of Novi Sad, primarily IT companies, telecom operators, Internet providers, innovation centers, programming companies and other I...

IoT Meetup Novi Sad
#IoT Meetup Novi Sad welcomes its 100th member!

IoT Meetup Novi Sad is aligned with the FP 7 Project that is aiming at building an ecosystem of citizen centric services. Its pilot cities are Novi Sad and (Smart) Santander.

FIcontent Newsletter - January 2015

DunavNET's efforts in connecting IoT and Serious gaming aim to help in engagement of citizens in environmental issues highlighted in the latest FI-CONTENT 2 Newsletter.

ARgenie DunavNET
DunavNET releases ARgenie

DunavNET is proud to announce that the first version of ARgenie is released.

MobiWallet pilot in Novi Sad
A coverage of MobiWallet pilot in Novi Sad broadcast on Novosadska TV

A coverage of MobiWallet pilot in Novi Sad broadcast on Novosadska TV.