Museum 3.0

Museum of interactive technologies

Museum 3.0 is open for pre-booked visitors from September 2014.

The Museum 3.0 is designed to present the modern technologies in an interesting and amusing way. You, visitors, are expected to play with the novel technologies and have fun, but, at the same time you are welcome to tell us what you think about the program as well as to contribute some fresh ideas or even provide some exhibits from your own work.

We will constantly keep in mind that the Museum 3.0 and its main host Dr Imaginator are always ready for the most demanding audience – the children!

Dr Imaginator

Visitors have the opportunity to try and learn a lot of interesting things...

  • Demo corner 'shows and tells' a lot about the internet of things and offers many interesting gadgets to be tried out
  • A corner with Smart games offers a completely new experience in playing games
  • Workshops with fun programming give chance to visitors to make their own games

Visit us!

Program is adapted for children of different age groups and levels of programming knowledge.