Digital Transformation  Consultancy

Digital transformation consultancy

Digitalization is changing the businesses of today. We need a new approach to business models, improved customer experience and optimized business processes.

In the rush of innovation progress, technology is changing faster than IT skills of companies, opportunities are being lost and this is resulting in capabilities lag behind possibilities and needs.

The shift.

To ease businesses to keep up with the curve, and even stay ahead of it, we help them embrace the power of digital transformation by providing one-stop shop to identify opportunities, create and launch novel solutions.

This is how we do it:

Business challenge identification

  • Clearly pinpointing the need and the idea

Fast design and prototyping

  • Leveraging our ecosystem, internal and external experts, IoT technology, data analytics and domain expertise to design solutions

Minimum viable product

  • Leveraging our ecosystem and available building blocks to create a working solution in 3 months

What differentiates us?

Experience and expertise

  • We are in IoT business since 2008, working with cities, public organizations, agriculture and manufacturing companies on digital transformation

Building blocks

  • We have designed and deployed a large number of IoT solutions for different verticals, all built on modern IoT architectural principles enabling reuse and rapid development.

Rich ecosystem

  • Microsoft Azure as IoT platform, diverse HW partners to match requirements, large network of contacts for domain expertise.


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